Monday, March 10, 2008


In the beginning this was usual metal download blog but with time it become just NSBM dl oriented blog, so from now on you will find only NSBM downloads here. If you want some NSBM album just say and I will get it to you in short time. If you don't know what is NSBM look here or here. Also, from now on I will don't post any information of albums, just cover, album name and download link. For song list, album length, band origin and other band informations use this web page - I hope that you are satisfied with this blog, and if you want to support you can do it on one easy way. Among albums provided on this blog there is Wolfenhords - Pathway to Lunar Utopia. Just download it and listen to it. That is one man NSBM project of my friend so it would be nice if many people hear it. Also be sure to visit his myspace - .

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Anonymous said...

You forgot Andrew Jackson’s Big Block of Cheese with nary a macaroni in sight.